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Fine Art Wedding Photography

Our services and typical working methods are described below. For any further enquiry, please contact us at any time.


  • reportage style photo, no forcing, photo posing only when requested
  • no limit of shots and delivery of a vast photographic archive in very high resolution (min 5000 px long edge, 300 dpi)
  • speed in the delivery of work (60-90 days, or even less, depending on the wedding date)
  • team of close-knit professionals, all animated by a shared working philosophy
  • support to event planning: sharing with couples the tips and suggestions for the organization of the wedding, putting at their service our long experience in the field
  • Wedding video: shooting and editing of a “wedding cinema” style video + a short trailer; drone used where possible
  • Possibility also to integrate the basic photo service with  optional services such as: photo booth, with the preparation of specific photo sets; polaroid photos to be inserted in a guest book or to be delivered to guests as a reminder of the day; instant videos (projection after cake cutting of a video with the salient images of the day); prewedding photo/video service; reserved webgallery for sharing photos with friends and relatives; wedding photocards for participation and/or thanks; photographic service in film, also medium format.
Our style

We are always focused on creating “real” images full of feeling, with a discreet (we don’t like rowdy photographers) but also passionate presence. We like to be recognized for a refined taste and high quality work, both in the shooting phase and in the post production and printing phase. Yes, we love our job! 

2 or more eyes?

We can shot your wedding in 1 or 2 photographers. By the way, having a second photographer is a added value option. A second point of view in unique moments, more candid shots, support and backup for the other photographer. In our team we are all professional photographers.

Natural vs artificial light 

We favor the use of natural light, as we want our photos to be warm and natural; that’s why we avoid using flashes and other artificial lighting wherever possible. But it’s also a misconception that natural light photographers never use flash: for example, we like using flash during the dance floor, when some nice effects could be obtained thanks to it. Then, in our bag you can always find led panels and other lights just in case there’s the need for them (e.g night cake cutting in a dark area).

Packages and prices

There are some predefined packages, as well as custom packages, tailored on the needs of the couple and how they are organizing their wedding. There could be multiple factors affecting the cost (+ or -) of the service (e.g. date, logistics, extra services, etc.); the best is always to meet in person and define a working program together. Sure we will always do our best to satisfy you!

What gear do we use

We are a team, so some of us are Canon shooters, some others are Nikon. Roberto brings with him 3 (yes, 3 camera bodies at the same time!) Canon mirrorless cameras. Prime lenses are our preferred ones. Most of all, it’s important to say that we have cameras with real-time-backup, so no worries about losing the files.

Where do we work

We have a studio in Milan and one in Lecce (Apulia, South of Italy), and we work on the whole national territory and even abroad. We always try to optimize travel costs, and usually working far from our city is not a big deal (low cost flights and nice but cheap accomodation are easy to find nowadays). We speak fluent English and Spanish; most of our weddings are destination weddings. 

High resolution files

We deliver about 800-1.000 carefully post-produced photos (the number may vary based on the type of wedding and service previously agreed upon). The photos are uploaded in a private web gallery (for sharing with friends and relatives), as well as sent via Cloud both in low and high resolution ( jpg 5000 px long edge at 300 dpi). For other shooting – e.g. elopements, engagemets, prewedding, –  the number of photos delivered is less and variable (generally from about 50 to 250 photos). We are also available to deliver raw files. 

Photo editing

As above said, we deliver a wide selection of photos (approx. 1.000), each of them accurately edited according to our style. It’s a long, time-consuming process, as it’s not just a matter of luminosity, contrast or crop, but it’s a real fine editing, both in colour and black and white.  Each wedding is a single story for us, with its specific lights and atmosphere. 

We shoot Raw and we use a non-destructive editing workflow. This means that we can always go back to the original file and deliver a new version of the photo, according to the client’s request.

Want to see some examples? Have a look at this article.

Fine Art printing

We deliver the best-quality prints available in the market. We print our albums on 100% cotton paper, acid-free, using pigment-based inks. Our prints are certified to last more than 100 years. We have our own laboratory and we also sell fine art prints in large format. 
Wedding albums samples: click here for some photos or here to watch some videos. 

Wedding Day Tips

Our clients can refer to this page (password protected) to get some advice and usefel tips concerning the wedding, concerning both the planning & preparation phase, and the event day.

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